Friday, April 21, 2006: 1:30 PM-3:00 PM
Session C6: SYMPOSIUM - Forging Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Develop Cutting-edge Technologies for Consumer-centric Health Care
Developing innovative technologies that enhance self-management of chronic disorders and promote independence in everyday life requires the formation of highly productive multidisciplinary alliances. This symposium explores three such pioneering collaborations led by nurse researchers who have assumed a pivotal role in keeping the design and testing of emerging systems and devices responsive to the needs and perspectives of potential users. These research projects reflect the paradigm shift— enabled by emerging health-related technologies and characterized by movement from provider-centric to consumer-centric health care—that will inevitably influence nursing practice. Further, they begin the important process of evaluating the potential health benefits of cutting-edge, technological solutions focused on diverse health issues affecting different target populations. The projects include development and usability testing in three areas: mobile robotic devices to enhance the independence of older adults, hand-held computer technologies to support self-management by lung transplant recipients, and the use of virtual health advisors or relational agents to improve medication adherence among individuals with schizophrenia. Using individual research projects as exemplars, each presenter will describe: 1) the significance of the health issue or clinical problem being addressed, 2) the theoretical basis for the technology and its application as a nursing intervention, 3) the rationale for selecting multidisciplinary partners, and 4) the responsibilities and challenges of leading a multidisciplinary team to develop consumer-centric, technology-based interventions.

Organizer:Judith Tabolt Matthews, PhD, MPH, RN
1:30 PMForging Partnerships to Develop and Test Relational Agent Technology to Improve Medication Adherence in Schizophrenia
Kathryn Puskar, DrPH, RNC, Elizabeth A. Schlenk, PhD, RN, Susan M. Sereika, PhD, Timothy Bickmore, PhD
1:50 PMDeveloping a Consumer-Centric Technology-Based Intervention to Promote Self-Care after Lung Transplant
Annette De Vito Dabbs, PhD, RN, Mary Amanda Dew, PhD, Kenneth R. McCurry, MD, Brad A. Myers, PhD
2:10 PMTransdisciplinary Collaboration in Developing Robotic Assistive Technology for Older Adults
Judith Tabolt Matthews, PhD, MPH, RN, Geoffrey J. Gordon, PhD, Martha Pollack, PhD, Jared M. Glover, BS, Sandra Engberg, PhD, CRNP, RN, Joan Rogers, PhD, OTR, Sebastian Thrun, PhD

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